Happy May Day!!!

May Day has been my favorite day of the year ever since I was a young child. May Day or Beltane is a pagan holiday of fertility, love , sex, rebirth and the return of sunlight. In olden times they would celebrate with large bon fires, music, feasting, drink and sex in the open fields and bushes!!

Today I was lucky enough to celebrate Beltane¬†with my dear friend Kid we meet outside my house at 6am and walked up to the top of Bernal Heights, picking flowers the whole way. We watched the sun rise as we laid our flowers around us and burned incense and candles. The sun bathed us in its golden light and the city sparkled below. It was a beautiful sight to be hold and I’m so excited for the spring and summer to be here.

I hope everyone has the time to pick a flower for a friend today or time to spend enjoying the sunshine!! And if you happen to have a sweetheart I hope you go romp around in the park after the sun set…

Raton Rose