The Life of a Glartist

I have found my new calling in life as a glartist!! This basically just means I have a whole lot more glitter and glam in my life than ever before. I have been spending hours cutting out photos of my favorite glam rock stars, glueing them to candles and smothering them in GLITTER!! My room has become completely infested with glitter and I doubt it will ever be rid of it again. The biggest highlight of my new-found career was the little post Rookie Magazine did on my creations.

Check it out!!

Raton Rose

Sweet Apple Girl Gang

Here are some photos and a little video of a shoot that I and some other Shelter girls where a part of for Rookie magazine…

Chrissie White-Photographer
Elvia Carreon-Stylist
Angel Dorr & Lenaig Delisle-Make Up
Angalina Sandoval-Hair
Justina Goldbeck-Model
Jasmyne Rae Keimig-Model
Amanda White-Model
Tennessee Rose-Model
Raton Rose-Model

Sweet Apple Girls from chrissie white on Vimeo.

Raton Rose

Disposable Bowiemas

Damn that was fun!!

Here are some photos I took at Bowiemas. I’ll be putting a post up soon of my favorite photos that others took and some videos too. In the mean time check out Chrissie whites photos on Rookie!! I wrote some text for them t0o.

Raton Rose