Disposable Camera # 27/# 28

N.Y.C. Baby!!! What a fun trip. So many magical people I that enjoyed my time with. As Clark would say it was totally “Wild Style”.


Raton Rose

Lifewith Blythe

Blythe has to be one of the funnest girls on earth!! I have had the pleasure of spending a good amount of time with her this past month, we meet in L.A. for a week after which I took her back to S.F. with me and soon I will be visiting her in N.Y.C. Our time together so far pasted in somewhat of a blur… there was a lot of partying and silliness as well as deep conversations and slumber parties. It’s a bit lonely now without her here and her wise insights on life that always help me see a little bit clearer. Yet I wish her all the luck in the world with her move to N.Y.C. and can only imagine all the amazing things she is going to create in that city of opportunity!

Sadly I havent had the money to developed the disposable cameras I have from our time in S.F. just yet… but luckily we used her phone for lots of photos!! So here they are in the mean time.

Raton Rose

Welcome To The Jungle Part 1

L.A. was to fun for words so here is a shit ton of photos with more to come!!

Raton Rose

Goodbye Villa Villekulla!!!

Tennessee and I had to say our bitter-sweet goodbyes to our magical and cursed apartment this last Thursday. Let me give you some back round on Villa Villekulla…. This apartment exists inside of  a white and pale blue building called the Ellenburt from the 1920s. Every person who stepped into that apartment while we where living there experienced a sudden and lovely, calm and pleasant feeling thick in the air. Lots of people voiced their observation of what nice energy the apartment had. The funny paradox of this is that the apartment has a curse on it. We joked about it at first but after further conversation with tenants it seemed to be quite real. So what is this curse I speak of?? Well it seems that any couple who moves in breaks up within the first two weeks. Tennessee divorced her ex-husband the second week of living there. When she moved out, my boyfriend and I moved in and he left me within the first two weeks….Tennessee and I were beginning to think that it was just our apartment, but we were mistaken; after speaking to our upstairs neighbor we had discovered that he had also broken up with his ex within the first two weeks of living there. Shortly after that, another of our friends moved in upstairs and the same thing happened to her!!! We also realized that after Tennessee moved back into the apartment with me her romance that she was having at the time ended two weeks after living there. Some crazy stuff man!!

Who knows what this curse is really trying to do or who it was who put it there. Some people think it’s the witchy land lady but I feel like it’s something older. Who knows who has lived in that building over the last 90 years? The strange thing is how lovely the apartment is and what amazing times are had there!! We called it Villa Villekulla because we felt like Pippi Longstockings  living there: being silly girls and doing what ever we pleased no matter how ridiculous it was.  Looking back on it now we realized we should have called it Heartbreak Hotel instead….

Here are some photos!!

Disposable Camara # 7

Lucky # seven! A little way thru this roll I used one of the fun tips I had read on the link I posted of 2o cool things to do with a disposable camara. I colored the lens pink with a magic marker and the flash blue. It made from sweet effects. This roll has photos from a wonderful night out with Ande, Leonardo and Elvia, a lovely visit to Ballard with Jerrod where we stopped by Sugar Town Vintage to say hello to the lovely Amy and then to Kings and where we thoroughly enjoyed their amazing happy hour, Theres also photos from the Devila 666 show! The ones of Devila 666 Blythe took.

Raton Rose

Disposable Camara # 5

More fun times! Behind the scene photos of a photo shoot with Frank, Anna and Stefan. Some photos out back at Lynda’s in the sun!!! and a lovely evening out with miss Celia!

raton rose