Disposable Camera # Twenty Four A.K.A. Hard French

 After all most a year of hearing about this party called Hard French I was finally able to attend and it fully lived up to my expectations!!! I was blown away by the amazing crowd and lovely music and of course that I was partying outside in the hot weather in the beginning of march!!! There was difinitely  many times throughout the party that I just stood there in wonder at what was happening…best soul party ever and i cant wait for the next one!! In the mean time here are some photos…

Raton Rose

Disposable Camera # Twenty Three

These photos are from a mixture of events…theres some from a fun John Waters party at the Jelly Bean Warehouse for Cluade’s birthday, some from Stay Gold (put on by Hard French that night i believe), one of the attic sign, some from the clothing swap at the Merry Go Round house, and last but not least a handful from a lovely spring day spent with Karin in the Albany Bulb which is awesome!!!

Raton Rose


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