Disposable Camera #38


Raton Rose

Flash Back : Summer of 2008

Things that come to mind…

Party spot: The Fur Den
Drink: Gin/Cooks Champagne
Smell: Dragons Blood
Song: To Fast For Love
Book: Peter Pan
Animal: Horse
Feeling: Raging Love

Raton Rose


Hey! My name is Alessandro I am pleased to say that Rose has asked me to post about my adventures on Shelter. Hope you enjoy!


Fire Boy

Every girl seems to have loved a horse ither in her imagination as a kid or in real life. I always thought my favorite horse would be a black one but some how they always ended up being white. Fire stole my heart from all the other horses when I was 9 years old. We have been best friends ever since. I meet Fire at a Ekone Ranch where I used to go to camp at and now volunteer for. Last summer he was taken to a new home in Oregon which I intend to visit him at. I have dreams with him in them all the time, I had another one last night so I thought I would post a little blog about him on here…

Fire is some what of a bitter old man kind of horse. He doesn’t tend to hang around other horses and he likes just to eat and eat. He is very stubborn and hard-headed when you are riding him too, But when your riding him and you want to try a little canter he is way ahead of you! He charges around each barrel with such speed its nearly impossible to slow him down. It’s always a rush and a trill although its terrifying in the forest because he stops paying attention to the trees and you feel like you are going to crash at any moment. One of the girls at the ranch calls him a Hells Angel of a horse, I can see that. He is one of the only horses there that is at ease away from the herd.

I remember when I realized he could actually really remember who I was. I had missed one summer of camp when I was 16 and I came back the next summer and walked straight up to the corral to see him. My step sister was trying to pet him and he was having non of it, he was about to walk off when I came up and stretched out my hand and he came running. He nuzzled against me thru the wooden fence and I could just tell he absolutely knew who I was. My favorite thing he dose is when I walk up to him  he swings his head around thumping it into my torso he just leaves it there and breathes little snorts on my belly while I huge his head. A girl once told me that’s how horses hug.

Raton Rose