Death by Glitter

Photos taken by Hana Haley
Hair by Katalina Caliendo
Models Sarah Jean Flynn, Raton Rose and DeeDee Robins
Story line by Raton Rose


Raton Rose

Gothic Summer

I just made a little gothic treasury on our Etsy. I wish I had money for everything on there. So magical!

Check it out


Raton Rose

Rose B. Grimm

Remember death when you look at me.

Remember death and you will see he is closer to you then me.

What has become of life when all I see is dark shadows of eternity?

There’s a soft tenderness in death’s foreverness.

Death is the only suitor who follows through making all his promises come true.

He seems a handsome man, a king of a strange enchanted land.

Are all the ghosts his brides?

Wearing white, queens ruling by his side…

I see death in every handsome man I see,

Am I merely pretending to be Persephone?


Raton Rose

Raton Rose

Random Photo

Raton Rose

A passage from Henry and June

Then came June, all in black velvet, black cape and plumed hat, paler and more incandescent than ever, and carrying Count Bruga, as I had asked her to do. The wonder of her face and smile, her smileless eyes…

I took her to a russian tearoom. The russians sang as we felt. June wondered if they were really burning, as it seemed from their voices and intense playing. Probably they were not burning as June and I were.

Champagne and caviar with June. It is the only time one knows what champagne and what caviar is. They are June, Russian voices and June.

Ugly , unimaginative, dead people surround us. We are blind to them. I look at June, in black velvet. June rushing towards death. Henry cannot rush on with her because he fights for life. But June and I together do not hold back. I follow her. And it is an acute joy to go along, giving in to the dissolution of the imagination, to her knowledge of strange experiences, to our games with Count Bruga, who bows to the world with weeping willowness of his purple hair.

It is all over. In the street, June says regretfully, “I had wanted to hold you and caress you.” I put her in a taxi. She sits there about to leave me and I stand by in torment. ” I want to kiss you,” I say. “I want to kiss you,” says June, and she offers her mouth, which I kiss for a long time.

– Anais Nin from Henry and June

Catholic School Girl Gone Crazy

A few weeks ago I went to lunch with my Uncle. When we meet up he surveyed my attire and commented “What do you call this look catholic school girl gone crazy?” I liked that term so some friends of mine and I  decided to do a little shoot inspired by that. Here it is in Digital and film.

Model, Stylist, Photographer: Alessandro Mauro

Model, Stylist, Photographer: Kid Bowman

Model, Stylist, Photographer: Raton Rose

Raton Rose

A Gothic Poem

Iv been getting back into Goth of late…what with all the amazing Goth bands around the bay area and my late night readings of Baudelaire. Here is a little poem inspired by him..


There’s peace in this night of blackness…there is my love laying in this open casket.

Death has come and death has gone leaving me with the frightful dread of dawn…

To be kissed by the wanton sun to say farewell to my sweet Jezebel.

 I shale walk this world arms full heart empty but for the moon.

For my love will heavy hang from the nights sky a permanent mark upon my mind…a beautiful ghost at my side.

I’ll lay these lilies on her grave tomorrow and leave her tome with a waitley sorrow.

I pray she haunts my dreams pressing in on me…her ethereal imprints creased into my sheets.

For my dear Jezebel this life with out you will now seem an all to powerful echo of hell.

Please visit me from the grave my love in your tattered dress of eternal rest.

Press your dead and devoured flesh against me tell me sweetly of your love even after death.

 Love, would Hades let me live with you in his grand kingdom of living tomes and dead flowers caught in shameful bloom?

Ask him dear if he will have me and I will swiftly depart with this friendly knive planted in my heart.


Raton Rose