Photos from Bowiemas S.F.

First batch of photos taken by Shelter on some disposable cameras…

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Second batch taken by Stanford Lee Wilson
Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 2.20.21 PM

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 2.19.47 PM

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 2.19.19 PM

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 2.17.40 PM

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 2.14.30 PM

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 2.14.02 PM

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 2.12.46 PM

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 2.12.26 PM

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 2.11.46 PM

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 2.11.02 PM

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 2.10.33 PM

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 2.10.04 PM

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 2.09.34 PM

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 2.09.21 PM

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 2.08.00 PM

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 2.07.32 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.09.55 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.09.44 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.09.10 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.08.47 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.08.30 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.08.19 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.08.07 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.07.56 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.07.43 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.07.07 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.06.56 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.06.22 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.06.11 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.05.47 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.05.36 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.05.26 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.05.16 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.05.04 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.04.42 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.04.17 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.03.59 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.03.34 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.03.17 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.03.00 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.02.46 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.02.17 PM


Raton Rose

Bowiemas S.F.

That’s right Bowiemas will be held in S.F. for the very first time this Saturday!!!! We are looking forward to celebrating our ninth year of Bowiemas in a brand new city. If you happen to be in the bay area and like David Bowie you must come to and celebrate his sixty sixth birthday with us. It’s an all night dance party with nothing but Bowie played and a few tracks by artist he has worked with or been inspired by. Everyone dresses up as their favorite Bowie incarnation and at midnight we do a mass in his honor. It’s a fun and wild time with so much glitter and so many smiles!!!

Poster by James Nielson


Raton Rose

P.S. How fucking cool is this poster!!!!!?????? When James Nielsen sent it to me I almost fainted.

Some Awesome Movies from The Last Bowiemas

We where so blessed this year to get some really amazing footage of the final Bowiemas. I know that I was pleased to watch the madness of what had happened that night because in real life it flashed by and only seemed to last for ten minutes!!

Patrick Wright is an amazing videographer and I was so happy when he consented to come and film the last bowiemas for us!! He came the night before and filmed us setting up and was back the next night to film the whole party. I enjoyed bumping into him and hearing all the wonderful updates of what he had caught on film. I remember at the end of the night we where talking and he said “I’m not quite sure when I should leave. I feel like there’s going to be a point where everyone will be just so wasted…”  Maybe twenty minutes later I was standing with him again chatting while a certain individual was yelling at me for not serving him anymore alcohol, the angry party goer ended up bending over and mooning me while yelling my name attempting to get my attention. Patrick and I looked at each other and he said “You know there’s an old saying ‘when someone moons the bar tender its time to leave the party’. I think I’m going to go…”  And then he left.

A few weeks later he sent me the most amazing film he had made of that wild night!! Thanks so much Patrick!!!

We where also lucky enough to be sent a video from a party goer one Jeanie Derange. Her film blew Lyle and I away. We where  in awe at all that we saw and how insane they night looked for everyone.

Theres some talk of other footage being sent our way and we will certainly share them when we get them.


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the last bowiemas from Patrick Richardson Wright on Vimeo.


Raton Rose


Disposable Bowiemas

Damn that was fun!!

Here are some photos I took at Bowiemas. I’ll be putting a post up soon of my favorite photos that others took and some videos too. In the mean time check out Chrissie whites photos on Rookie!! I wrote some text for them t0o.

Raton Rose


Get ready…..

Don’t fake it baby, lay the real thing on me
The church of man, love
Is such a holy place to be
Make me baby, make me know you really care

The last ever Bowiemas is upon us! It’s been a wonderful 8 years celebrating and dancing with you, and I look forward to seeing you all on the dance floor in your finest Bowie attire, one last time.

When: Saturday, January 7, 2012 at 10:00pm until Sunday, January 8, 2012 at 2:00pm

Doors at 10

Costume contest 11:30

The Midnight Mass

Dancing all night

And a whole lot of insanity!!!!!

21 + Tickets on sale begining the 26th at moksha or through Raton Rose. They will most likely sell out so get them while you can.



p.s. here are some photos of bowiemas over the years!!

Raton Rose

The Roosevelt House Odes

 The Roosevelt House was my friend’s and my party house for roughly three years. We had large parties there of over two hundred people as well as a numerous amounts of small parties ranging from four people to twenty people. In fact pretty much  every time I went to The Roosevelt House it ended up being party …or we where all recovering from the party the night before.

 It was hard trying to find photos that would convey all of the amazing times that where had at that magical house. Charlotte Robinson luckily sent me a ton of them. I’m glad someone was documenting this time so diligently. Unfortunately there are a lot of important characters that were at The Roosevelt House often that I do not have photos of. I remember some amazing photos of these people but can’t seem to find them anywhere.

Below is a poem by Seamus Montgomery one of the faithful residents of The Roosevelt house. I do hope you read it seeing as its fucking awesome!!

The Roosevelt House Odes

Seamus Montgomery

Autumn 2006

Love in the Middle of the Afternoon

Oh the hours I lie on the floor,
writhing in the sad dream
of a cubensis mushroom,
which sponged in the rain of my womb-sweet-womb,
the flophouse on Roosevelt Ave.—
where time and convention pass unyielded.

People Who Have Had Sex in the Bathroom

Clarence Davis
Pete Shelley
William Penn V
Suicide Sally
Mickey Holiday
Ian Spelding
O’Houigheighi Jackson
Marc Bolan
Claudia Doherty
Cliff the Tree-Dweller
The Foz
Echo Clowesden
Glamourous Gary Glue
Skylar Alexis
Bob Fossil
Richard X
Sir Thomas Rayven Black
Thomas Bishop
Walter Richardson
Snake Johnson
John Snakeson
Charles Neuman Lee Barash III
Spencer Humphrey
Caitlin Hendwright
Johnny Guitar
Matt Skeels
Natalya Trotsky
Spinach D
Maxine Von Nostrin
Patrick Morissey
Phaedra Forever

Oh, Ghazal Me to Death (The Ballad of Bombay Grill)
My father died so I, my wife, and little girl
Could be reborn again within the western world.
Throughout this earthly life I’ve worked and worked and worked
To serve the finest Indi’an dining in the world.
Our family’s home was made of pious joy, and love
Before the boys moved in next door, invaded world.
They have no sense of morals, purpose, decency–
No respect for neighbors, those who share their world.
They blindly mock tradition, culture, familial bonds,
And hold licentious pleasure with all the weight of worlds.
Smashing bottles, crashing walls, blasting sound,
So loud, it could paralyze an average world.
Each night brings nearer my family’s decline, unfurled
Within the toxic dream that is the western world.

Get These Normies Out of Here!
normie |nôɹ-mē| n
1. broadly speaking, someone whose presence would not be wildly conspicuous within a crowd of normal people.
2. anyone completely uninteresting to others beyond a given societal norm.
Origin: Early 21st Cent America

We had a party. We had a large party. I wouldn’t vouch, but a vague number of sage men of ages have proposed a direct correlation between the enormity of a party and its value. We had a vague number of large parties. There was a creamcheese party, a unicorn party, a mushroom tea party. We even threw a sort-of-biblical-nativity-meets-McDonald’s-iconography happening called “Snakes on A Disco: But Wait If You Call Now, We’ll Include The Hamburglar Swindling Baby Jesus from the Manger in Old Bethlehem. I’m not even joking. And then there was this one for David Bowie’s birthday. Everyone got all dolled up in their best Ziggy Stardust or Thin White Duke or whatnot and paraded around the house like they had never heard of the twentieth century. All the children of the neighborhood came out of their respective shells/closets/wombs to savor their slice of the debauch pie. There were all in all oh I don’t know say twenty dozen glamorous kids packed like sardines in my little shoebox house, which was actually more like a youth hostel. Let’s just say things were a bit uncanny when the fire dancers slipped in a puddle of toxic and fell off the roof. We spit blood on the ceiling. We danced. We made love. We cursed the sky and wished for the end of the world. Which only came for Keith, who opened his wrists on the edge of the tin mailbox.

Raton Rose

Bowiemas VII!

Bowiemas is an epic party that fellow SHELTER blogger Rose throws every year to celebrate “Our Lord and Savior’s” birthday.  But you probably already know about it, it gets written about in the paper like every year. I went with Stefan and Kirra and danced all night to Bowie classics. When we were all kicked out Stefan and Elvia and I weren’t ready to end the night so we went on a mission to find the after party. As we were stumbling around the street this sweet limo pulled up and offered to pick us up for so cheap, we couldn’t decline! We got way to excited in there and bumped to the top smooth hits of 2003. The after-party turned out to be a no-go so instead we snuck into this huge apartment building under construction and had our own party there!

Anna Luxx