Disposable Camera #42

Some photos from a little weekend getaway to L.A.

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Raton Rose


I took these with a sweet point and shoot that sadly broke after this roll of film. Theres photos from a trip to the grave yard with some witchy babes, Terra’s Birthday, hot bitch hideout, hair metal madness and my birthday trip to Joshua tree.

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Raton Rose

Paragon the Puppet DJ

That”s right…my brother is a Puppet DJ!!! He will be playing a set in San Francisco on April Fifth at Broadway Studios starting at 9:30 or ten ish…. Check out this sweet video teas and maybe I’ll see you at the show!


Raton Rose,

P.S. Shelter will be posting an interview with Paragon in the next few weeks!!

My Favorite Movie of All Time: Turkish Delight!!!

Turkish Delight or Turks Fruit is a artfully raw and some what brutish Dutch film from 1973. Directed by Paul Verhovens and shot by Jan De Bont . This film is based on one of the best-selling Dutch books Turks Fruit a twisted romantic tale of bohemian love.  Rutger Hauer plays Eric Vonk a poor and strong-willed artist who falls in love with the young and free-spirited Olga Stapels played by Monique Van De Ven. The cinematography is unique and inspiring and the colors are incredibly vivid!! I am always mesmerized by the starring actors and how perfectly they fit their roles. If you like romance, sex, violence, art, fashion and the 1970s you have to see this film!!! But just a warning it really isn’t your typical chick flick….

IMG_3929 IMG_3947 IMG_3955 IMG_3960 IMG_3965 IMG_3967 IMG_4001 IMG_4007 IMG_4008 IMG_4009 IMG_4011 IMG_4020-1 IMG_4026 IMG_4027 IMG_4033 IMG_4035 IMG_4050 IMG_4051 IMG_4054 IMG_4062 IMG_4066 IMG_4067 IMG_4081 IMG_4083 IMG_4086 IMG_4118 IMG_4140 IMG_4156

Raton Rose

P.S. Thanks Brian O’Keeffe for taking the photos while we watched the movie!!!

Some Groovy Jams


Raton Rose

Disposable Camera #41/Christmas in Mexico

I had the great pleasure of going to Mexico for my very first time this Christmas. The trip was lovely full of hot weather, warm swims, motor boat rides, Mexican moon shine, scorpions, whales, yummy food, walks in the jungle, family and a handful of unexpected friends that I ran into. I diffidently couldn’t ask for much more…


Raton Rose

Random Photo



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