disposable camera #37

More photos from my summer trip to Seattle.


Raton Rose

A few more Halloween treats



First things first my favorite crew of talented ladies back in Seattle just did yet another amazing photo shoot for Rookie Magazine. Theres a sneak peek below but check out the rest here!





Second…a sweet little vintage Halloween card.







And last of all some AMAZING vintage Halloween costumes.





Have a happy Halloween!!




Raton Rose

Sea Town

Photos from my trip to Seattle this summer.


Raton Rose

Photo Booth

With Echo


Raton Rose

Rose B. Grimm

Remember death when you look at me.

Remember death and you will see he is closer to you then me.

What has become of life when all I see is dark shadows of eternity?

There’s a soft tenderness in death’s foreverness.

Death is the only suitor who follows through making all his promises come true.

He seems a handsome man, a king of a strange enchanted land.

Are all the ghosts his brides?

Wearing white, queens ruling by his side…

I see death in every handsome man I see,

Am I merely pretending to be Persephone?


Raton Rose

Raton Rose

Flash Back : Summer of 2008

Things that come to mind…

Party spot: The Fur Den
Drink: Gin/Cooks Champagne
Smell: Dragons Blood
Song: To Fast For Love
Book: Peter Pan
Animal: Horse
Feeling: Raging Love

Raton Rose

Flash Back: Billy’s White Trash Hair Show

This was so much fun!! My dear friend Billy Bones other wise known as Mallory Fry had her very own hair salon for a time which she threw some pretty awesome hair shows for. First being the White Trash Hair Show!! It was such a blast we drank beer all night long, blacked out our teeth, got trashy and faked some pregnancies. The photos turned out fucking hilarious thanks to Keith Johnson who always does a lovely job capturing the ridiculous. Here are the ones I have left on my computer.


Raton Rose