I took these with a sweet point and shoot that sadly broke after this roll of film. Theres photos from a trip to the grave yard with some witchy babes, Terra’s Birthday, hot bitch hideout, hair metal madness and my birthday trip to Joshua tree.

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Raton Rose

Found Footage: 1978 Fantastic Animation Festival

Pretty sick 90+ minute collection of animated shorts from 1978. Flip through and enjoy these strange little moving picture gems! The quality of the VHS rip is a let down, but regardless is filled with spectacles.

Mountain Music around the 58 minute mark is a magical thing with baby animals and weird hippie puppets strumming in the woods and then WHOA amplifers grow out of the soil and nature starts to jam hard! I think it bummed out the animals, though. I think the moral of the story is that rock and roll makes volcancos erupt? Alright!

❤ Dylan

A few more Halloween treats



First things first my favorite crew of talented ladies back in Seattle just did yet another amazing photo shoot for Rookie Magazine. Theres a sneak peek below but check out the rest here!





Second…a sweet little vintage Halloween card.







And last of all some AMAZING vintage Halloween costumes.





Have a happy Halloween!!




Raton Rose

Happy Halloween week!!


Raton Rose

disposable camera #36

Some fun times with my sweet new california girls Mollie and Lindsey, not to mention an old classic Courtney Cady!! Lots of memories form summer pleasantries and BLITZ. Enjoy…


Raton Rose

Sea Town

Photos from my trip to Seattle this summer.


Raton Rose

Duet Vintage Photo Shoot With Hana Haley!!

Styling and modeling by Terra Williams and Raton Rose.

Photos by Hana Haley aka Honeyuck.

Want to check out all the cute clothes Duet Vintage has for sale??? Please do!

Duet Vintage


Raton Rose


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