35mm Night Life – Roll #2

Hey, folks I’m back again to share my night life photos. Join me on a pictorial journey through space, time, and drunken adolescence.

New Years Eve Party 2012
at The Yellow House

The legend O’Keef.

At the stroke of midnight I think I may have gotten a kiss on the cheek.

Shelter crew!


Anna, a balloon, & Elvia

The Final Bowiemas
Belltown Underground

Off to see the Wizard. My personal favorite of the set.

Nick Bartoletti of Crypts, and some futuristic machinery.

Members Only spotting!

The party was too much for some.

Spilling out.

Polish Handgun
art by Spencer Moody
at Moksha

Spencer Moody himself.

Kia’s Birthday
MOE bar

I started riding track bikes with these guys in 2007 and we all attended a bike event called Fast Friday. A movie was made with the same name. A lot of time has passed since then and this photo brings back many memories. Cool story bro.

35mm night life photos

I am happy to be invited into this creative collective known as Shelter. I will try to upload slightly thought-provoking imagery pertaining to the Seattle nightlife in 35mm format (and maybe digital). Basically I take drunken photos of people at social gatherings.

Here I am with my friend Crystal, she was dressed as Eazy E for Halloween, I was just dressed.

Myself wearing Frank Correa‘s hat and holding a sunflower.

I stumbled upon a party on Madison and 11th and was surprised to see paint spattered on the kicked-in walls. The back yard was a complete dance party.
She had green paint in her hair from leaning on the wall.

Rat girl in the park.

This guy had a bag of VHS tapes.

Marielle on a little horse

Random party, random fox head.

Barto, Elvia and Frank.

photo cred: Zach Hoffner
Canon Sure Shot AF7