Vintage Animal Oddities

I think that it is pretty necessary that I share these wholly odd, cute, and funny vintage photos of animals with you.


kitty corn on the cob


will my swan fit in this car?


dismissive joey shakes hands with a shirtless man


even elephants need hats


oh. my. god. that FACE!!!


tea time with the girls


“I think we have a problem here, baby.”

etsy updates!

tons of new great stuff up in the etsy shop!

i really love the embroidered detail on this maxi dress – little flowers and birds!

Daily Dose of Cuteness: New to the zoo (and the world!)

I can’t really contain myself when it comes to baby animals. Literally. Sometimes I squeal with excitement when I see the pictures. I know, I’m ridiculous.

So when I come across a board called ‘zoo borns!’ on Pinterest, I pretty much died of happiness on the spot.

I mean really, these guys are just TOO cute:

Red Kangaroo joey at the Franklin Park Zoo

this little joey loves his mama – awww!!

Harry the PYGMY Hippo!

Pygmy hippo! I didn’t even know such a thing existed. It’s painfully adorable.


Fox pups at the Cincinnati Zoo

I have a weakness for foxes. These little bat-eared babes are just darling. I want to put one in my pocket!


check out the rest of the board here – it’ll be all oooohhs and aaaahhhss if you’re anything like me.




Mini Pumpkin Vampire Creation

When I was a child, just around this time of year, I would begin to beg my mother for mini pumpkins. I always loved their handheld size and plump shape, but she did not indulge my fancies often, mostly because I couldn’t do what I desired, which was carve them.

So obviously when I saw a picture of these miniature vampire pumpkins, I knew that I must make them. Supplies were gathered and carving commenced!


Plastic Vampire Teeth (I got mine at the halloween pop-up shop in northgate – 10 for $3)

Red Map Pins (from U Bookstore – $4ish)

White mini pumpkins (about $1 each at QFC)

Pumpkin carving knife (not sure how much because I had one, probably about $1 at qfc)

Step One: Choose the side of your pumpkin that is widest and without blemishes. Starting as low as possible on the pumpkin, make an incision lengthwise about 2″ wide. Parallel to that, but about 1.5″ up the face of the pumpkin make another one. Then vertically connect them with additional cuts. Cut around and remove the rectangle which will be the mouth.

Step Two: Scoop out the guts of your pumpkin and then clean up the edges, perfecting the right angles of the rectangle, which will help the teeth fit in better.

Step Three: Make sure you are drinking your pumpkin beer

Step Four: Insert teeth and see how they fit, cutting and adjusting as needed.

Step Five: Insert pin eyes. You could also draw or paint eyes on if you feel that is better. I also rinsed the goop off the pumpkin and brushed his teeth.

So, a childhood dream actualized. Carved miniature pumpkins.

Daily Dose of Cuteness

Today I would like to introduce you to the first of many adorable obsessions of mine – Thumbelina.

As her namesake implies, she is just about the size of a thumb! She is the world’s smallest horse, standing a minute 17″ high and weighing just under 60 pounds. Thumbelina is a miniature horse who is affected by dwarfism, so she is extra tiny.

Because of her condition, she has a few health problems; mainly that her legs are crooked – but not to worry! She’s been fitted with special shoes to straighten her out.

She’s got the sweetest demeanor, and has done a tour around the country of children’s hospitals. She travels from room to room, making the children smile and helping them act like kids again.

(Bonus for Thumbelina: she gets to ride in the elevator! What horse can say THAT?!)

In 2008, Thumbelina was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s smallest horse. She’s pictured here with Radar – the world’s largest horse! So cute.

Don't squish her!

So, Thumbelina is the epitome of cute – and the smallest miniature dwarf horse ever.

 So now meet Einstein: The smallest miniature horse not affected by dwarfism.

When he was born, he only weighed SIX POUNDS and was only 14″ tall – for reference, my cat weighs 13 pounds.

Painfully cute.

Hope you enjoyed my first post here on Shelter!