Found Footage: 1978 Fantastic Animation Festival

Pretty sick 90+ minute collection of animated shorts from 1978. Flip through and enjoy these strange little moving picture gems! The quality of the VHS rip is a let down, but regardless is filled with spectacles.

Mountain Music around the 58 minute mark is a magical thing with baby animals and weird hippie puppets strumming in the woods and then WHOA amplifers grow out of the soil and nature starts to jam hard! I think it bummed out the animals, though. I think the moral of the story is that rock and roll makes volcancos erupt? Alright!

❤ Dylan

Found Footage: Marc Bolan wishes you a Merry Christmas and stuff


❤ Dylan

Found Footage: “Fantasy”

I FOUND YOUR FANTASY FOR THE DAY. Animator Vincent Collins is a mad master of visions who made some pretty mind blowing/bending/melting/altering pieces back in the 70’s. This is one of the more colorful visions of his, but if you really wanna go for something spooky, be careful with this one.