new blog obsession: SUGAR TITS

Sugar Tits is a 23 year old American girl studying abroad in Italy. She answers loads of pressing sex questions from her readers, but the best part about her blog are her really funny and well-written life anecdotes as she chases beautiful European boys, regrets one-night stands, and attempts to start an escort business with her friend after being rejected jobs at American Apparel. But what I think is really unique and exciting about her blog are her posts about her new job as a stripper. She provides an excitingly honest insight into working in the adult entertainment industry, and as a girl I can kind of relate to (she listens to Lady Gaga and David Bowie, studies film, and has crushes on her teachers…)

"This bathroom is the bane of my existence. Used to be lockless-now doorless? Come on, guys. "

Here’s one of her stories about the strip club. I’ve spent all morning going back pages and pages into her blog, srsly SO ADDICTED.

The Edge of Whorey
I arrive early to speak to a woman at the front who scans my documents and asks if I’m ready. Yes. Am I experienced? No. Am I aware I have to get fully naked? Yes. Is that a problem? No.

I get lead downstairs by a fat man who works at the door and says he’s the one I inform when doing private dances and he will show me to the right room and he promises me that if I have sex he will find out so don’t do it. Ok.

I change in the dressing room the size of a porta potty while the other girls start piling in. They are nice, funny. Older. I watch the one from Brazil open a gift from her boyfriend, for her birthday, a brown set of underwear, she hates brown, she says. She will never wear them. A Romanian girl sees me smiling, excited. You’re new? Yes. It will be hard for you, don’t get upset. Ok, I won’t.

We go downstairs and start drinking and sit in anticipation for the clients’ arrival. One big room, full of bad bitches, waiting on lonely men.

"They finally let me take photos at work! Here’s us setting up for our 'Halloween Party'"

In Italy Strip Clubs are different than in the US in that 1) the clients can touch you and 2) they don’t give tips. No bills shoved in your panties. The way it works here is you have to sit on a guy’s lap and give lap dances or whatever just in hopes of him “buying you a drink” just so you can get 15% from it. Sit next to him, on him, facing him, let him touch your legs and your ass while you dry hump his chubby boner. Yes you looked very interesting, I noticed you from across the room. I had to come over. Oh, so handsome. Where are you from? Milan? That’s so amazing! What do you do? Bank teller? Fantastic! Rub his crotch. No, really, I like bigger guys. A beer belly is sexy. Let him touch your boobs. You aren’t thirsty? You drank at home? Not even a diet coke? What? I finish at five. No, we can’t meet later. Sorry, I have to go.

It would work nicely if the men weren’t so fucking cheap. I am shocked by how stingy they are. I get bought drinks but only one by each guy, none of which can afford the prive’, all of which want to just “meet later, so that we can fuck.”

The only thing going inside me later is a Kebap.

They get offended when you walk away and sit next to somebody else.

Each girl gets called up for a few 15-minute intervals to strip. I’m not as bad as I thought, some are even worse than me. But I get super upset when my time is over and the DJ starts playing Gaga. The Edge Of Glory. He’d promised he’d play her for me.

At the end of the night I get my cash, a panini (the kebap place was closed) and call a taxi and go to sleep. I’m sad to say I’m not too excited about going back tonight. Maybe I just have a bad attitude. Maybe I shouldn’t have expected to be working with Tyra Bankses and dancing for Richard Geres.

Sugar Tits


xo anna

Some Things To Make You Happy

Hey there! It’s Anna, and I have not been posting enough since I moved to London. Here is something from my personal blog (which you should follow please) that Rose thought I should post here! They are just some things to remind you that you can be happy when you are sad!

me being happy trying on shoes i can't afford (pic by tennessee)

  1. do the things that make you happy and fulfilled as much as you can. everyone has their thing. for me its doing creative things like taking pictures or writing a song, but it could be as simple as riding your bike or dancing around your house. it can be easy to feel too lazy to do these things, and instead do something passive like look at pictures on fb, but if you try to spend SOME time each day doing the things you love it boosts happiness by so much!
  2. if you are feeling confused, everything you need to know is probably already in your head. just do the things you know you need to do.
  3. however hard it is, don’t compare yourself to other people. it useless thought and will just make you either sad or patronizing. instead, focus on being the most awesome version of YOURself you can be…you will like yourself more and others will too!
  4. be nice to others, even if you are in a bad mood or feel annoyed. putting that small effort to be nice (you dont have to pretend to be happy!) will lift all the mood around you and will probably make you a little happier too.
  5. do some exercise! i’ve only recently discovered this. exercise can be fun, so do something you enjoy like maybe playing tennis or doing yoga or dancing or running…whatever but really focus on it and do it until your heart rate goes up and you sweat a bit. this kind of focus kind of like meditating because you forget about all those every day things and makes you feel so good and replenished.
  6. it is not worth it to starve yourself! there are so many better things to think about than what you are/aren’t eating all the time. and other people are much too concerned about how THEY look to care how you do. and if they are not thinking about that they won’t care what you look like either!
  7. work hard on the things that matter, and do the things that you do well. then after you work hard, your down time (or party time) is so much more fun and rewarding because you can feel like you deserve it!
  8. spend time by yourself. i used to have such issues with being alone, but now i find it to be such valuable time. just a little walk with headphones on, when your mind can wander or reflect, and somehow my life and direction can seem so much more clear. this also really helps if you are feeling very emotional/confused.
  9. this one is pinched from my bff ten’s blog: “I always thought it’s better to look at how you view the world instead of how the world views you.” she is really wise!

Sometimes I think my life is terrible, but when I really think about it I remember it’s actually really super awesome and amazing. It’s funny that no matter how much good or bad fortune you have, it doesn’t really equate to how happy you are. I guess it’s down to knowing how to put yourself in a positive mindset.
i’m not sure if this list will applies to everyone, but these thoughts help me realize it’s not the end of the world all the time. and i don’t mean to be a cheeseball, but knowing how to make yourself happy is really valuable! because being happy IS important and why spend your life being anything else?

Other people please add your own things to the list!


Soft Metals video by Dumb Eyes

My friend Christian from Dumb Eyes design directed a music video for the song “Voices” by Soft Metals starring ME!

I feel really awks on camera but with his magical skills he managed to make it look really cool!

love, anna

ps- i have just moved semi-permanently to london….but i will still try to post stuff on here! i miss everybody!

Ramones videos are so good


my summer jam!

been spending a lot of time this summer playing the metronomy playlist on youtube and dancing in my room..



Disco Dressing!

Rose has this awesome old book full of disco dressing tips! It suggests 7 different looks with many you probably would never think of. Read on for inspiration for the party tomorrow!


A pair of jeans and a simple top is the basic disco look. Casual and comfortable- it was one of the most popular styles of the time.

“Basic disco look that says ACTION!”


With the bodywear look dancers are in complete control of how their body moves. It also is great for keeping cool on the dance floor and having fun with a variety of materiels and patterns. One of the most popular bodwear styles was the glow in the dark leotard!

"what better way to work that body than in clothes made to show it and let it move?"


When dancing on skates athletic shorts paired with a flashy top is both glamourous and practical. People had a lot of fun with this look and there are many wide varieties of unselfconscious and playful skating fashion.

"Four dynamites take a break by the pinball machine"


While disco fashion is known for its glamour and flashy-ness there are some who choose to go a more casual route. The prep look is built around a simple pair of classic chinos, brightly colored polo shirts, and loafers or moccasins.


“Rock music witha  beat you can dance to”. The disco rock style is a blend of classic rock looks from the past mixed with the flashy disco look. The disco/rock’n’roll look was greatly influenced by Elvis.

Thrift shop

Thrift shop disco look grew popular for its inexpensiveness, originality, and vast options of creating a more personal disco style. Clothes from the 20’s through the 50’s where most popular in this look.

This space inspired disco style was greatly influenced by Star-trek and later Star Wars. Jumpsuits, interesting fabrics, structured or stand up collars, and astronaut inspired details are some of the ways you can have fun with the futuristic disco look!

"This couple knows how to disco down in clothes that blast off with style!

love, anna and ten

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