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Raton Rose

Bowiemas S.F.

That’s right Bowiemas will be held in S.F. for the very first time this Saturday!!!! We are looking forward to celebrating our ninth year of Bowiemas in a brand new city. If you happen to be in the bay area and like David Bowie you must come to and celebrate his sixty sixth birthday with us. It’s an all night dance party with nothing but Bowie played and a few tracks by artist he has worked with or been inspired by. Everyone dresses up as their favorite Bowie incarnation and at midnight we do a mass in his honor. It’s a fun and wild time with so much glitter and so many smiles!!!

Poster by James Nielson


Raton Rose

P.S. How fucking cool is this poster!!!!!?????? When James Nielsen sent it to me I almost fainted.

Found Footage: 1978 Fantastic Animation Festival


Pretty sick 90+ minute collection of animated shorts from 1978. Flip through and enjoy these strange little moving picture gems! The quality of the VHS rip is a let down, but regardless is filled with spectacles.

Mountain Music around the 58 minute mark is a magical thing with baby animals and weird hippie puppets strumming in the woods and then WHOA amplifers grow out of the soil and nature starts to jam hard! I think it bummed out the animals, though. I think the moral of the story is that rock and roll makes volcancos erupt? Alright!

❤ Dylan