A few more Halloween treats



First things first my favorite crew of talented ladies back in Seattle just did yet another amazing photo shoot for Rookie Magazine. Theres a sneak peek below but check out the rest here!





Second…a sweet little vintage Halloween card.







And last of all some AMAZING vintage Halloween costumes.





Have a happy Halloween!!




Raton Rose

Random Photo


Raton Rose

Happy Halloween week!!


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I’m pretty sure I have a crush…


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disposable camera #36

Some fun times with my sweet new california girls Mollie and Lindsey, not to mention an old classic Courtney Cady!! Lots of memories form summer pleasantries and BLITZ. Enjoy…


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Random Photo


Raton Rose

Found: Erotic Poetry

 A few weeks ago I was walking early in the morning and noticed pages from a book scattered all over the side walk. I happened to look down and see a couple of lines that caught my eye. I picked it up and put it in my purse. A few days later I took the pages out and read them….this is what I found:




I yearn to fuck.

To feel my body incandescent 

glowing like a Xmastree 

‘neath yours. You turn

me on… I SWOON.

At the thought of your stiff poker

tempered by the fires of love, I SWOON.

At sight of of its bright garnet knob, ah!

O why? I wish to be so wholly conscious,


Deliver me beloved from

this soft sweet faint. Electrify

my body even as the ramrod of your manhood

pierces me, so that I may cry to you






These things I offer to the great God Eros:

-My wet and greeny gash and its attendant furze…

-My pruny anus, hidden, yet all unashamed…

-My ears that long to hear Him whisper, “Hump me!”…

-My nose that I may sniff His rutty flesh…

-My eyes that He may spew His seed on them…

-My mouth that aches to gorge upon His prong…

-All, ALL my apertures are His…



The Slippery Flesh


How slick and juicy is your body, dearest,

When all covered with your juices male;

When I inhale the sweat from off your torso

My lips do shake and all my face grows pale.

My frail hand then does slip upon your shoulder,

It slides so gaily from your chest to belly;

Oh! Did you but know that at that moment

My heart is thumping, and my knees are jelly.

And when that same small hand does reach your groin

It occupies itself to make me whole;

I pinch and prod and shake and agitate

Your monumental, proud and greased pole!


Oh! Let your sex stand tall like gallant sail!

I’ll act as if I’m a deli!

To feast upon your hot pastrami is my goal!



Adorable Legs


When I observe your adorable legs, hard-muscled, straight,

And thick-entwined with manly hair, I weep

That I am not your feet.

When I envision those puissant limbs athrashing

Through the quiet glade or pistoning the pavements, then

I long to be your socks.

When in between my own two trembling nether limbs

Your masculine ones do haul your eager frame, why then

Can’t I be your knees?

But it is when my eager orbs do spy upon you

Sleeping, and travel from your toes up to your groin


That I wish that I might be – your cock!



Raton Rose