BLITZ Tomorrow Night!!

Every Wednesday at The Attic Shelter puts on a little 70s Glam Rock night called BLITZ. This includes hours and hours of glam jams and super CHEAP Champagne. Only $4 bucks for a mini bottle and $6 for a champagne cocktail!!! I may add as well that its Cook’s Brut Champagne my all time favorite.

This week has been especially exciting for BLITZ because my friend James Nielsen made us the most amazing flyer!! I can’t tell you how relieved and trilled I was when he offered to help me with a poster and flyer. I explained to him I wanted it to be based off of a Biba drawing that I have been obsessed with for a few years now. I love what he took from it and added to it. I feel so lucky to know such a talented artist. If you want to see more of his work check out his killer Flickr.

Hope to see you all there!!


Raton Rose


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