Daily Dose of Cuteness: New to the zoo (and the world!)

I can’t really contain myself when it comes to baby animals. Literally. Sometimes I squeal with excitement when I see the pictures. I know, I’m ridiculous.

So when I come across a board called ‘zoo borns!’ on Pinterest, I pretty much died of happiness on the spot.

I mean really, these guys are just TOO cute:

Red Kangaroo joey at the Franklin Park Zoo

this little joey loves his mama – awww!!

Harry the PYGMY Hippo!

Pygmy hippo! I didn’t even know such a thing existed. It’s painfully adorable.


Fox pups at the Cincinnati Zoo

I have a weakness for foxes. These little bat-eared babes are just darling. I want to put one in my pocket!


check out the rest of the board here http://pinterest.com/zooborns/zooborns/ – it’ll be all oooohhs and aaaahhhss if you’re anything like me.





2 Comments on “Daily Dose of Cuteness: New to the zoo (and the world!)”

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