Welsh Love Spoons

When I went to the goodwill bins today I was in no way expecting a history lesson but thanks to the vintage wall hanging that I found I now know all about Welsh Love Spoons! I thought I may as well share my new-found knowledge with you all. Enjoy!

“Wales is a land steeped in history, old legends, folklore and interesting customs. A romantic and ancient custom was the making and giving of love spoons. Love spoons were associated with courtship when it was traditional for young lovers to fashion intricately carved wooden spoons and present them to their sweethearts. It was important for each maker to identify himself with his spoon by using symbols relating to his own personal interests or way of life.

Some of the symbols used where :~ A HORSE for the horse fancier. A HEART for love. A HORSESHOE for luck. A SHIP for a sailor. A WHEEL for the traveller. A SUN for life. A CHAIN for permanent linking. A KEYHOLE for the door of the heart or house. A TRAPPED BALL is the makers heart in a cage of love. A STAR for the twinkling lady in the carvers life!

Some of the woods used in this craft where :~ Pine, Oak, Ash, Yew, Elm, Sycamore and Beech.”

Raton Rose


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