The Jean Genie

The last time I was in NYC I had a lyric from Jean Genie running through my head the entire trip and I imagine¬†I will have the same luck this timeūüôā

“New Yorks a go-go and everything tastes¬†nice!” – David Bowie

Raton Rose

Random Photo

Raton Rose

A passage from Henry and June

Then came June, all in black velvet, black cape and plumed hat, paler and more incandescent than ever, and carrying Count Bruga, as I had asked her to do. The wonder of her face and smile, her smileless¬†eyes…

I took her to a russian tearoom. The russians sang as we felt. June wondered if they were really burning, as it seemed from their voices and intense playing. Probably they were not burning as June and I were.

Champagne and caviar with June. It is the only time one knows what champagne and what caviar is. They are June, Russian voices and June.

Ugly , unimaginative, dead people surround us. We are blind to them. I look at June, in black velvet. June rushing towards death. Henry cannot rush on with her because he fights for life. But June and I together do not hold back. I follow her. And it is an acute joy to go along, giving in to the dissolution of the imagination, to her knowledge of strange experiences, to our games with Count Bruga, who bows to the world with weeping willowness of his purple hair.

It is all over. In the street, June says regretfully, “I had wanted to hold you and caress you.” I put her in a taxi. She sits there about to leave me and I stand by in torment. ” I want to kiss you,” I say. “I want to kiss you,” says June, and she offers her mouth, which I kiss for a long time.

– Anais Nin from Henry and June

Flash Back: Billy’s White Trash Hair Show

This was so much fun!! My dear friend Billy Bones other wise known as Mallory Fry had her very own hair salon for a time which she threw some pretty awesome hair shows for. First being the White Trash Hair Show!! It was such a blast we drank beer all night long, blacked out our teeth, got trashy and faked some pregnancies. The photos turned out fucking hilarious thanks to Keith Johnson who always does a lovely job capturing the ridiculous. Here are the ones I have left on my computer.


Raton Rose

Lifewith Blythe

Blythe has to be one of the funnest girls on earth!! I have had the pleasure of spending a good amount of time with her this past month, we meet in L.A. for a week after which I took her back to S.F. with me and soon I will be visiting her in N.Y.C. Our time together so far pasted in somewhat of a blur… there was a lot of partying and silliness as well as deep conversations and slumber parties. It’s a bit lonely now¬†without her here and her wise insights on life that always help me see a little bit clearer. Yet I wish her all the luck in the world with her move to N.Y.C. and can only imagine all the amazing things she is going to create in that city of opportunity!

Sadly I havent had the money to developed the disposable cameras I have from our time in S.F. just yet… but luckily we used her phone for lots of photos!! So here they are in the mean time.

Raton Rose


I’m so excited im going to N.Y.C. next Wednesday for the first time in five years!! My best friend and pretty much brother/gay husband Lyell Rose was sweet enough to buy me a plan ticket to come along with him. I can only imagine¬†all the fun we are going to have!! Of course all of this reminded me of the last time I was in that amazing city and I thought I would share some photos from the trip. Hope you enjoy.

Raton Rose

Random Photo

Raton Rose


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