Guns n Roses 18th Birthday Party

Its been forever since I did a party post…in fact I believe I only ever did one. For those of you who didn’t read that post, I have decided to share some photos and stories from the wild parties in Seattle back in the day.

My 18th Birthday and the Guns and Roses party was a night to remember, or forget….if you were drinking as much as I. For me it started early on in the day getting ready at my friend’s house. I had just come back from SF where I scored an amazing pair of fake snake-skin pants that actually looked pretty real. I got all Axled out and then went to watch my high schools play. My friend Billy Bones picked me up after with her sweet motorcycle. We made a make shift seat on the back for me and we speed off into the night. It was a long and exhilarating ride to the party which was deep in Rainer beach. As we pulled up in front of the house she revved the engine and the crowd outside turned and looked at us as we dismounted in a hair metal disarray.

The party was already pretty packed, which impressed me seeing as it was far away from anything else. I had really wanted to drink night train that night, but hadn’t thought of it enough in advance so I settled with champagne and vodka instead. I was highly entertained seeing all of the outfits my friends where wearing who had dressed up. There was a general agreement that everyone looked hotter all trashed out. The bands began playing, sadly I don’t remember the first two bands names but they where good.

The party broke to a whole new thresh hold of insanity once Sioux City Pete and The Beggars started to play. Their dark and heavy rock n’ roll was all we needed to let go. We were packed into a small basement dancing and sweating as one huge crowed, arms around each other and smiles across our faces.

Whenever The Beggars played back in the day it usually involved the crowed getting partially naked. I believe Lexi the guitarist at the time would slip out of her little black dress into her bar and underwear and then Pete would take his shirt off and yell into the crowd how hot it was and that everyone should get naked!! There was always a pack of us girls who would shed our shirts in an instant, the boys so inspired would soon follow. It was all a mass of messy fun seeing as a fucking pipe broke during the set, flooding the floor with water. We didn’t care though, we kept on dancing and rocking.

After the show was over I became aware that my snake-skin pants had indeed decided to shed their skin, and that there was a big split up the back of my ass. I figured it was probably time to head home after that but first I crawled through the grass in the back yard laughing and telling my best friend Echo that I was a tiger…I hope no one besides her saw….

The next morning I woke up and went to get dressed and couldn’t find my shirt anywhere. All of a sudden a cloud of doom appeared over my head. I called up my friend Gretchen asking “Um…did I leave the party with a shirt on last night?” She laughed and said “No. You did not.” I was pretty embarrassed that I had apparently just run around the party in my bra and GnR jacket for an hour or so after the band had finished playing. I waited in dread of the photos that would turn up and see how absolutely wasted I would look in them. Luckily Keith Johnson is an amazing photographer and only put the good ones up. All and all it was pretty hair metal even if it wasn’t my usual behavior.

Raton Rose


4 Comments on “Guns n Roses 18th Birthday Party”

  1. Great photos. Must have been a night to remember. Or forget as the case may be.

  2. Mallory Fry says:

    Hahaha! What a most dubaucherous night! I loved that partay:)
    <3, Billy Bones

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