Dan’s and Raton’s Radical Adventures # one

Upon arriving in S.F. I was reunited with my old friend, Dan Eliot. We where catching up, and discussing all the cool places this city has to offer: there are so many amazing attractions right outside of the bay that we want to visit! We created quite a long list of places to go and explore together, and I decided right then and there that we should make a little Shelter post for each adventure…..so here is the first of many.

Colma Cemetery!!!

Back in the early 1900s, San Francisco passed a law forbidding anyone to be buried within the city’s limits, as  they were already running out of space, and wanted to use all the land they could as real estate for the living. So, they moved all of the dead that where already buried in the city down south, to Colma. The cemetery is now miles long; the vastness is breathtaking. When Dan and I entered Colma we where having a bit of trouble finding the graveyard, when suddenly, we realized that the hill in front of us we had mistaken for housing, was in fact a massive cemetery covered in tombs and gravestones; it was astounding.

We drove down, parked and packed up our picnic, including a bottle o’ wine. We then set out in search of Wyatt Earp’s grave, as we had heard he was buried on the grounds. We were on our way to the main office, hoping to inquire where his grave was located, as we could easily spend a day searching in this metropolis of tombs, when a grounds keeper rolled up on his golf cart. He looked at us and slowly growled “Y’all looking for Wyatt?”  “Yes”, we replied. He then guided us to the appropriate aisle, and pointed out the grave stone. We set up our little picnic of berries, cheese, bread, and wine. We raised our glasses to good old Wyat and his lady, Josephine, and poured some on their grave. Dan remarked “that’s probably the coolest thing I have been asked all week ‘y’all looking for Wyat'”.

After our picnic we meandered through all of the amazing graves, and wonderd at the incredible art work of the tombs, grave headings and statues. We took lots of photos, which are below, and simply enjoyed the total peace of the cemetary…after some time of wandering, Dan realized he had lost his keys. We began to attempt to retracing our steps; a hard task, as we had been walking through hundreds of graves which were all melding together at that point. The evening was beginning to set in around us, and we where starting to consider how we would make it out of there with no keys… Luckily we made it back to  an Angel statue Dan had perched below earlier, and sure enough, the keys where safely laying there beneath the stoney guardian. We breathed a sigh of relief and continued our walk through the now gold tinted grounds…the sun was setting and casting a magnificent glow on everything.

Dan concluded “Well at least I know I’ll never be bored again!” and true to his word, he has already been back to the cemetery on his day off.

Hope you enjoy this, and are as eager as I am for the next adventure!!!

p.s. Keep an eye out for the grave stone with a photo of a lady on her cell phone!!! Calls from the grave man…

Raton Rose

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