talented and lovely girls 2

Sarah is an amazing makeup artist. I discovered her when she came over to Rose and I’s apartment on Halloween and I asked her to do my make up. ever since I’ve been a bit obsessed with her! She is such a great artist and watching her do makeup makes me feel like she is a painter designing a new face. Paying attention to bone structure and shaping it into something new and exotic… amazing.
Elfy on the dance floor with Ozma who is also very talented and lovely

Elfy has been one of my favorite people ever since she accompanied me to my brothers wedding this summer. She has amazing fashion that never ceases to inspire me. I have a huge girl crush on her!

My boss, my friend, my inspiration. This women is fucking amazing! She is one of those people who silently and diligently creates not for the sake of others but for herself. Whenever I hang out with Elvia I have so many ideas and usually ending up bouncing around the room like a 5 year old in my excitement for my future creative projects. I plan to marry this women (creatively) someday and together we will make things that will break your heart.

Elvia and I on a Sunday date
My dearest Rose. When I moved in with her it was first for just a night, then a week, then a month, and then we ended up living together for four months. Our time together at Villa villekulla was very magical and filled with many nights of poetry, champagne, hair metal sing alongs, movies, giggles, and adventures. She has been such a huge inspiration (one of my three girl muses: Anna, Elvia, and Rose!). Her poetry is fucking mind blowing as is her fashion. Living with her meant constantly discovering glitter in my hair and always having someone to make me forget about my troubles. I cannot wait to re-unite with her in Switzerland this summer. ❤

Rose and I hungover in bed... that morning she woke me up with chocolate and sparkling water. Dream girl!


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