35mm night life photos

I am happy to be invited into this creative collective known as Shelter. I will try to upload slightly thought-provoking imagery pertaining to the Seattle nightlife in 35mm format (and maybe digital). Basically I take drunken photos of people at social gatherings.

Here I am with my friend Crystal, she was dressed as Eazy E for Halloween, I was just dressed.

Myself wearing Frank Correa‘s hat and holding a sunflower.

I stumbled upon a party on Madison and 11th and was surprised to see paint spattered on the kicked-in walls. The back yard was a complete dance party.
She had green paint in her hair from leaning on the wall.

Rat girl in the park.

This guy had a bag of VHS tapes.

Marielle on a little horse

Random party, random fox head.

Barto, Elvia and Frank.

photo cred: Zach Hoffner
Canon Sure Shot AF7


2 Comments on “35mm night life photos”

  1. Roxanne says:

    Wonderful debauchery…genius! Can’t wait to see more =D

  2. Roxanne says:

    I’ve selected your blog for the 7X7 Award…there will be a link to your blog in about an hour! Love you what you do!

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