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Raton Rose

Bloody Bikes

I am riding a bike with you.
I am riding a bike with you to let you in, to show you my weakness.
I am riding a bike with you because I want to let the butterflys you give me fly above the ground.
I am riding a bike with you and we’re laughing out the sun that’s burning our skin, we’re sweating out the tears that we can’t cry and smiling at our weeping. I feel your heart beat through the air and I see your blood all around and inside my eyes. I feel you evade my world as I hand you a invitation to enter. We never run out of breath for its not air that we breathe. We inhale life and find we are killing our death with the growing friendship we are paddling hard for.

Raton Rose

Tennessee Rose

I am lucky enough to be roommates with the lovely Tennessee Rose at the moment…This means all types of wonderful things such as long heart-felt conversations, silly giggly girl time, youtube watching, hair metal sing alongs, wine and poetry nights and last but not least getting to hear her lovely music first hand!! I wanted to share with Shelter one of my favorite poems of hers and an amazing music video her step father Spencer made of her. Enjoy!


my dearest condemned

condemned to anxiousness

train your eyes upon

the simplest excuse

born unto this sudden change

from one path to the next

and him like a archway

under which I pass

look up to catch

the fluttered glimpse

up a skirt

dearest heartbreak

I talk like I’m big

Like I can’t be broken

but its only that I’ve learned of armor,

amorous lover,

that he helped build for me

but I’ve sunk that battle ship

cast away by the many fears

of sailors taken to the hilt

who sunk their daggers deep into

the hearts of land born girls

a pretty promise pink upon her lips

and I find myself thinking of you sometimes

in the morning on my way to work

pornographic songs

built while half asleep

and calm in your imagined embrace


wings of desire take one by cap lori from spencer moody on Vimeo.


Also check out her blog  lots of gems on there!!


Raton Rose

David Rathman

raton rose

Dalston Superstars!!!

Holy shit this makes me and so many of the Shelter crew miss Anna, Stefan and Sam soooo much!! Fucking hilarious.


Raton Rose

Sarita Loquita De Infierno

Sarita Loquita de Infierno is the pseudonym of a woman I came across in Puerto Maldonado, Peru. On the verge of suffering a scurrilous heat stroke, I blindly stumbled into her ice cream shop on the corner of some dusty avenue. She instantly noticed my dazed and pale demeanor and rushed over, sitting me down in a dirty-white, plastic lawn chair. She then proceeded to nurse me back to health with a combination of dried coca leaves (which she procured from her bra and insist I chew) and papaya ice cream, quite a wondrous combination, have you ever the chance to try. She sat across from me, reciting from memory poems by Peru’s patron saint of poetry, Caesar Vallejo. Her voice was was soft as summer’s clouds and in listening to it recite these beautiful lines, I slowly began to convalesce, all the while her her two-year old son surreptitiously watching from around the corner of the ice cream cooler. Whenever Sarita would get up to help a customer, I would sneak funny and putrid faces at her little boy, who gazed back with wide and terrified eyes. I finally did manage to rob him of a smile with one particular dog-like face and then we were friends. He let me drag him around the shop on a little piece of scrap cardboard, laughing maniacally like only a child of his age can get away with. Sarita watched us play from behind the ice cream cooler, standing akimbo and smiling with her strawberry lips. I could tell by the way I kept catching her glowing glances that she liked me and I’m sure I could have made her purr like a docile kitten had I not been already yearning after another.
I sat back down on the lawn chair, and she joined me, this time seating herself on my lap. Her son (whose name I learned was Keith Richards Garcia! Ha! Brilliant!) watched with innocent eyes as his mother began smooching on my neck. Not in the mood for this type of behavior, I craned my neck away from her vulturous lips and asked her if she wrote poetry herself. Instantly, her eyes lit up like a couple of fireflies and she scurried into another room and returned with more ice cream and a sheet of loose-leaf paper with which a poem had been typed upon with her Olivetti typewriter that she kept in the back. With her summer-soft voice she recited a cute poem about her son, Keith Richards Garcia. What follows is a translation of her poem.


Keith Richards Garcia, my Kafka of la selva
Little golden raisin-
My radiant son….

I birthed you in a pickle
While thirsting in a distant
And northern dessert.
I held hands only with the
Dehydrated stars,

We must have looked like
Eels out of water
Or mud-sharks.

I pushed you out
With a lizards tear
Descending the trellis
Of my cheekbone,

A cheekbone that you will inherit.

When you finally plopped out,
The indians thought you
Nothing more than a tumbleweed,
For you were premature and
Rolled out like a rustling sphere

Of wheat stalks.

I considered placing you back inside
My womb
To roast a little longer

But the witch doctor wouldn’t have it.
Instead, she blew a cloud of black
Tobacco smoke into my organ,
As if it were a ceremonial chalice.

In the coming days
Your eyes blossomed open
and I knew what the Indians
Said was true: you were
A miracle child.

You have changed me;
Here I am! Selling ice cream
In this stuffy coffer of a shop and
Sleeping with strange men
So your life will be blessed
And well dressed.

We run with felines and
Fly with cicadas,
You and your mom,
and one day you will be king

Holding me in your arms
And feeding papaya ice cream
To my gyspy lips.

Cooks on sale at SO many places!!!

Apparently the universe condones my large enjoyment of Cooks Champagne because not only one store but three are having an amazing sale on said product. Bartell Drugs has their cooks at only 3.99 and so does Safe Way!!! For a dollar more north QFC on Broadway has their’s at 4.99 and possibly the south Broadway QFC does as well. I was told the sale at Safe Way will be lasting untill New Years!!!! So go out and enjoy that yummy bubbly liquid that can bring a touch of decadence to our everyday life.

Raton Rose