A magical man was born this day. Sadly, he is no longer alive. A hand full of friends and I will be celebrating his life because gave us so much!! I believe I will be drinking champagne and watching Born To Boogie tonight in his honor….I will need a bowl to catch the drool. If you wanna join let me know!!

Raton Rose

Ellen Rogers

I want to live inside these photos!! How totally tantalizing they are. I have spent hours and hours in my life looking on google trying to find images like these!! I’m so happy finely to have found photos that match what I have seen in my head for years. I love everything about Ellen Rogers work. I can see so many archetypes in her photos everything from gypsy’s, witches, russian princesses, classic old fashion girls to vampiric succubuses and more. Her work is truly inspirational. I wish my everyday life looked like this!!

Ellen Rogers lives in England and shoots with film only developing it her self. She also paints some of the photos which explains the amazing old fashion romantic hues of the coloured photos. There is an abundance of other amazing photos of hers so look them up if you are so inclined!! I personally want to get her book.

Here is her Website


Raton Rose

Internal Imprints

Your pillows are stained with my dreams.
Did I sleep to sweetly that you can’t seem find your self alone at night?
Did we kiss to deeply that I wont ever be able to rub the echo of your mouth from my lips?
Will I always feel your hands touching me through others flesh?
Did we fall into each other eyes?
Do you still hold me in you?
I feel you in me but I am letting my hold slide…you simply hang from my heart now.
I have forgotten how to cradle you because the pain you inspired in me is the last present you gave me.

Your skin was so soft, my lips loved to brush against your cheeks.
I wanted to eat your face and never spit it out.
When did we began to crumble?
Or did we flak?
You flaked I crumbled.
I crumbled from your flakes they were to heavy on my heart.
I disintegrate back into myself.
Back into my world, my home….alone.

Raton Rose

Random Photo

This is such a great photo of Clint Eastwood!!

Raton Rose

Random Photo

I need to watch more Ab Fab

Raton Rose

Cajamarcan Minamalist Poet

Dear Shelter,

I’m waiting for a bus in Cajamarca right now with Saige. That bus will take us to Lima, a city where the smog and exhaust is so prevolent that it has stained everything from the white-wash on buildings to the fur on the stray city dogs that shit freely in the middle of busy streets downtown. It’s that bad, in a good way. From Lima, we’ll be heading to the Amazonian state called Madre de Dios (Mother of God) to further our Peruvian divigations into the jungle, where we’ll risk catching yellow fever (having failed to get the shots) and go pirhanna fishing in green rivers with banana captains.

In Cajamarca I met a native (albeit in dreams) who called himself Juan Ramon and recited  strange poems. He called himself a minamalist and didn’t believe in writing things on paper. He whinced when I showed him a pencil. I think he may have been a lunatic. Here is a reciting I have translated from dead memory, it’s not good but it’s something.

Dinner Party

What if you served this at a dinner party?

Let me think about it……

It’s kinda like trying to shave with a banana peel.

Green wine projectiled on the wall and if asked what the stain resembles

 I reply:

Saint Apolonia on the steps of a butterfly dive.


Introducing Hana Haley

I had the pleasure of doing a shoot with Hana Haley about a year and a half ago. I had been stalking her photography online for a couple of years and we both knew we wanted to do a shoot together. At last she was able to come up from Oregon and do a shoot with me, Elvia Carreon as stylist and Angel Dor as make up artist. We had an amazing photo shoot together!! What I found totally amazing about Hana was how clear her vision was. She had a little sheet of paper she had blocked out desired frames and shot ideas on. There are certain ways she wants her models to be posed, she will have an image in her mind of armed intertwined in such a certain way or legs dangling just so.

Even though we had a crew of talented people in the shoot I got to do with Hana she is usually I “one girl show” as she would put it. She loves to do the hair, styling, make up and take the photos. She feels like its easier to work alone than with others. Perhaps this is why her photos stand out so much because, they have such a solidified source all stemming from her wonderfully imaginative mind.

Hana is now 21 and living in San Francisco.

more of her work here http://www.flickr.com/photos/honeyuck

Raton Rose