Fragment, pt. 1

Summer in Seattle. The skies are gray and every so often, the sun comes out to play. This bipolar weather pattern seems to make the natives and transplants restless. I don’t mind. Too much exposure to the heat and sun irritates my sensitive skin. There once was a time when I thought that I was allergic to a person. With a lingering touch or a hug, my skin would get irritated, turn red, and swell. We eventually stopped hugging; otherwise I could have died.

He was allergic to bees. I wish I was a bee.

Fragment is a variety of photo and pocket journal musings.
The following were taken on a Yashica Auto Focus Motor-D, developed 6/24/2011.


One Comment on “Fragment, pt. 1”

  1. ratonrose says:

    fucking love this lady!

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