Weston Jandacka

I first meet Westan a few years back when I modeled for him for one of his art projects. When we went back to his house after shooting I was astounded by the amazing art hanging on his walls soon after I found out he was the creator of said art work and my astoundment grew twice fold. I wanted to share his art with you all on here and inform you that he has an art show coming up on August 4th at Core gallery. I also did a little interview with him which follows after these photos of his work.

Sail Boat No. 2 2010 oil, acrylic, canvas, copper, wood

Connected Isolation 2010 oil, acrylic, graphite, wood

Untitled No.4 2008 Oil & Acrylic on Wood 18x48

Untitled No.5 2008 Oil & Acrylic on Wood 18x46.5

Untitled (Venus) 2007 Oil on Canvas 30x40 in

Walt Whitman 2007 Oil & Paper on Wood 48x48 in

A Portrait of J. Alfred Prufrock 2007 Oil on Wood 52x132 Inspired by the poem "Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" by T.S. Eliot

2008 Graphite, Paper & Photography

2008 Graphite, Paper & Photography

Midtown Manhatten 2005 Digital Photography

Untitled (Kyoto) 2007 Digital Photography

Nevada Highway 2004 Digital Photography

Osaka Castle Moat 2008 Digital Photography

Beijing Street No. 2 2008 Digital Photography

Why do you make art?
I think I make art because I don’t know what else I would do. It just feels like the natural thing.

When did you start making art?
As a kid I always enjoyed drawing and building things, my father noticed that and when I was in high school he gave me an old easel and some oil paints he had. But I didn’t start to take what I did very seriously until about 6 or 7 years ago

Do you have a favorite form of art? I have noticed you have quit a variety of mediums you use.
I can’t say I have any favorite medium to create in, I definitely will favor one medium over another, but that is always changing. I really enjoy working with three dimensional forms, even when I am painting I am thinking of the medium in a three dimensional way. Really it’s what ever the moment calls for.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Mainly traveling and what ever I happen to be reading at the moment.

How often are you working on a art project? Is it a constant thing in your life?

I pretty much spend every day working on my art, if I stop for more then a day or two I feel guilt towards myself.

Do you have a daily routine that involves working on an art project?
I try to spend as much as every day possible working.

How do you like your space to be set up while you are working on a project? Do you like there to be music playing? Do you like to be alone of have company?
I am usually working alone with the tv on. Hulu and Netflix provide me with background entertainment, but I wish I worked more with music on, it’s less distracting.

Do you prefer working on art in the day or at night?
Night, bedtime is around 4:00 am.

Did you teach your self or did you go to school or both?
I would say I am self taught. I’ve been enrolled in a few classes but I always seemed to have trouble attending them.

Is there any in particular person you feel has had the most influence on you as an artist?

Seeing and hearing what friends are doing with there creative ventures has probably been the most influential on me.

Do you enjoy having art expeditions?
Yeah, it feels good to see something that you have made hanging on a gallery wall and watch people interact with it.

What goals do you have as an artist?
To hopefully always be moving foreword in all aspects as an artist.

Do you have any plains in the future that you are exited for?
I’m always excited for the next project. I have two project ideas that I will hopefully make happen over the next year.

What other local artist do you like?
I don’t really think of myself as being very knowledgable on local artists, but I like what Jake Clifford, Steph Kese, and Jesse Brown do and I really like Stacy Rozich’s illustrations.

Do you feel like Seattle has a good art scene?
I think Seattle could have a much better art scene.

Has there ever been a point in your life where you stopped doing art?
I have gotten distracted at times and let months go by without being productive, but I would describe those times as more of a “pause” then a “stop”.

Do you feel like your art offers something to the world?
Hopefully some day it will.

Once more the up coming show is

Agust 4th till the 27th

at Core Gallery

Opening on the 4th from 6 to 9

Hope you come!

Raton Rose


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