Dutch-Indo Surf Rock of the 50s: Tielman Brothers

Check the end section for some sensational stage antics. Or look here for just the highlights:

The Tielman Brothers were an Indonesian sibling band back in the 50’s. They were regarded as a major influence in the surf-instrumental rock, and later rock-and-roll in Europe. Their stage antics completely set them apart from most, and were probably one of the first performers to do such maneuvers with their instruments. Andy Tielman had been playing the guitar with his teeth, foot, behind his back, before anybody else.

With strong roots in traditional Indonesian folk music, and the training and background in classical Western music, they created almost a new sub-genre within Rock.

This site has more about their history and some really fantastic photos of the brothers (and one sister, who’s kind of a babe).

PS: another fascinating little tidbit about Andy Tielman is his use of the VOX Guitar Organ.
Yes, it produces Organ sounds.

This is a rather interesting video about the instrument.


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  1. ratonrose says:

    Super cool!!!

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