Charles Eisenmann

Charles Eisenmann was a photographer from new york city in the late 1800s he has a remarkable collection of photos he took of the show people from the dime museums around new york at that time.

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Congratulations……it’s a ManWolf

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Amy Winehouse RIP

So, I am sure everyone knows about this by now- Amy Winehouse, DEAD @ 27!

Seems so sad, I always thought she would make a comeback, however she was defeated. Everyone remember you are not invincible, no matter how old or young, rich or poor. She was a beautiful girl with a talented voice and the newest member of the dead at 27 club. RIP.

Ramones videos are so good


Disposible Camara # Eight

I finely have enough money to start developing my disposable cameras from the last couple of months!! These are some photos from the Biker BBQ and random time spent with friends.

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Love to Norway.

My love and prayers go out to everyone in Norway. What a shocking and horrifying thing to have happened. Norway in my mind has always been such a pristine country safe and prospering with some of the most wonderful people I have ever meet. I have always thought of it as a place where nothing bad can ever happen. My best friend is Norwegian and wrote this to our friends  and I this morning…

 G.W. Bush, 9/11: “We’re gonna hunt you down.” Stoltenberg, 22/7: “We will retaliate with more democracy”. What an amazing prime minister we have in Norway, and what a wonderful way to fight back.

I’m shocked by recent events that happened in Oslo and at Utøya yesterday evening. If I’d been in Oslo, I’d probably have been at work 100 m…eters from where the bomb exploded. Many of my friends were. 84 kids were killed at a political youth camp at Utøya (a small island about an hour from Oslo) in a massacre only a couple of hours after the bomb went off in the centre of Oslo. A couple of friends of mine were there, but they seem to be out of harm. A Norwegian man is caught and they think he is behind both events, but it’s too early to tell.

For more news about the massacre I put a couple of links below.,0,6277048.story

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The Baroques – Mary Jane