Home Town

I’ve been traveling around England for the last two weeks and have many fun posts to catch up on!

One of the first places I went when I got to England was my home town and village of East Grinstead and Forest Row. I met my friend Mari at the train station in London and we took a short, beautiful train ride through the English country side untill we ended up in East Grinstead. As we stepped off the train we were greeted with the wonderful smell of flowers thick in the air. We met my mother’s friend who we were going to stay with at the little round about in front of the station. I had not seen Cesca sence I was six years old, and she was just how I remembered her. Incredibly sweet, kind and beautiful. She took us to her lovely home which resembled Mari and I’s dream house with an exquisite garden. Mari and I  sat dazzled by this house while  she made us a lovely meal. That night we drank wine while we all caught up and got to know each other again. The next day after a lovely cooked breakfast by Cesca, I took Mari to all the places I remembered from my childhood. I lived in England from when I was four to eight and remember it as somewhat of a fairy tale. We went to one of the local farms and saw many cute young animals. Then we went to the forest filled with blue bells, one of my favorite things ever to look upon! After that we went by my old house and school through the center of town. As we walked by the locals we were met with very inquisitive looks, people would just stop and stare. We had a picnic of wine and cheese on the beautiful grounds of my old school and saw many bunnies and one pheasant! I must mention too that the weather was perfect; not too hot but wonderfully warm with the sun shining. We went back to the dreamy home of Cesca and ate more amazingly prepared food and chatted over more wine….

here are some photos, most of them taken by the lovely Mari Lotherington

Raton Rose


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