Throwbacks for Vicestyle

Check out this shoot I did for Vice Style on Seattle’s own Throwbacks NW. If you haven’t heard of it yet, Throwbacks is a rad vintage sportswear store in Capitol Hill right on Pike St. Their stock includes an impressive collection of snap-backs, jerseys, basketball shoes, jackets…..and a lot of it quite rare/valuable. They have managed to receive widespread appreciation from the die-hard sportswear nerd  to the common hill-dwelling hipster. I recommend you read more about it in the interview. My boyfriend Sam Voulters styled and wrote the article, I snapped pictures, and Frank Correa and Michael McKinney generously lent their modeling talents.

See the rest here



4 Comments on “Throwbacks for Vicestyle”

  1. Raton Rose says:

    So good! I love how these came out. xo

  2. caitydid says:

    I’m currently competing against Mike in a masturbation marathon..maybe I’ll write a blog about it.

  3. anna says:

    really?? i’m intrigued, plz do write about it!

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