Hey homies, what is up? I am not new here, it has just taken me for fucking ever to get off my ass and finally post some shit up on here. My name is stefan and i have have been part of shelter since the beginning so you better treat me with respect…even though I don’t do anything.


I first met the tiny and wonderful Anna Ryon in London last Summer through her boyfriend Sam, we barely talked during that hour or so her being in the awkward position of “new girlfriend”, long story short, I had to flee from London unexpectedly, and through a mix of facebook and fate we were thrown together, now we are like totes BEST BFF’s you know? But yeah the point is that’s how I got involved with all these ugly shelter mongoloids.


One Comment on “HEY Y’ALLZ”

  1. annaluxx says:

    ;P fuggy uggy poo!

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