HTFC show :: Cap Lori, Generifus, Dennis Driscoll, PWRFL Power

TOMORROW is my birthday and I am very lucky that my friends Kaz (PWRFL Power) and Ten (Cap Lori) happen to be playing at Healthy Times Fun Club that night!

pic by moi

Info pulled from the facebook events page. RSVP here

Feb 5th Saturday 8PM sharp. ALL AGES!!!! $5 ish!

this is to be a showcase for my Half Yogurt label. I have been doing the label since 2009 Summer and organized Japan tours for foreign acts as well as put out 6 CD and 5 CD-R releases.

∆ Cap Lori – Tennessee Rose’s solo project. her official release on Half Yogurt features Seattle’s Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death and is…epic.

∆ Generifus – I set up his Japan tour in March 2009. my friends still talk to me about how they loved his music. now he’s on K-records as well

∆ Dennis Driscoll – his Japan tour was the first one I organized and was successful! I don’t know if he’s gonna play solo acoustic or what but his Half Yogurt release “Sunken Bicycle” is a hidden electro pop jem

∆ PWRFL Power – that’s me. Half Yogurt’s first release was my EP titled “I am a Confident Woman”. I have the next one to be titled “Bebop” but I wanna go by a different name. message me if you have an idea.

that’s about it, we hope to see you there!!

Kaz Nomura


One Comment on “HTFC show :: Cap Lori, Generifus, Dennis Driscoll, PWRFL Power”

  1. ratonrose says:

    Happy birhtday Anna!

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