Keith Richards….

Maybe rocks stars to woman are like what porn stars are to men???

Raton Rose


Me, 6

Anna Luxx

Comet Gain

Comet Gain is my favorite modern band from England!! I have grown up listing to them thanks to my brother who is friends with them. There lyrics are always very relevent to how I feel. It’s nice to have a band that seems to put your thoughts into perfectly worded songs.This isnt my favorite song of there’s but I love the video. It’s so sweet¬† and it really captures the feeling I get when I visit Brighton in England…even though im not sure if this video is actually filmed in Brighton or not. Anyway check them out!!

Raton Rose

Two songs…

I can not get out of my head!!! Day and night they are floating around between my two ears….at least they are good songs!

Raton Rose


Me at the age of seven…

Raton Rose



Two of my favorite things

in one awesome picture!

Happy Sunday<3

Bowiemas VII!

Bowiemas is an epic party that fellow SHELTER blogger Rose throws every year to celebrate “Our Lord and Savior’s” birthday. ¬†But you probably already know about it, it gets written about in the paper like every year. I went with Stefan and Kirra and danced all night to Bowie classics. When we were all kicked out Stefan and Elvia and I weren’t ready to end the night so we went on a mission to find the after party. As we were stumbling around the street this sweet limo pulled up and offered to pick us up for so cheap, we couldn’t decline! We got way to excited in there and bumped to the top smooth hits of 2003. The after-party turned out to be a no-go so instead we snuck into this huge apartment building under construction and had our own party there!

Anna Luxx