Coco Howard And Spencer Moody

Coco and Spencer

My parents Coco and Spencer make a lot of amazing things and are always a source of inspiration to me. Recently they just finished an art installation in Pullman… Here is a making of video as well as a short film they made as part of the installation!

how to make an art installation from spencer moody on Vimeo.

into the woods from spencer moody on Vimeo.

Photos from Cap Lori tours, year 2010

Japan tour 2010, show posters in Kobe

Japan tour 2010, cats in a small town by the ocean

Japan tour 2010, small town by the ocean

Japan tour 2010, a fan who collected signatures of bands on his purse

Japan tour 2010, Kobe

Japan tour 2010

Japan tour 2010, a train station bathroom in Hakodate

Japan tour 2010, Hokkaido

Japan tour 2010, outside of Tokyo

Japan tour 2010,Tokyo

Japan tour 2010, Sendai

Japan tour 2010, (night I met Anna!) Tokyo

Japan tour 2010, drinking juice box sake after soundcheck in Hakodate

Japan tour 2010, Tokyo photo by Anna Ryon

Japan tour 2010, Tokyo photo by Anna Ryon

Japan tour 2010, Tokyo photo by Anna Ryon

Japan tour 2010, Tokyo photo by Anna Ryon

Japan tour 2010, Tokyo photo by Anna Ryon

Japan tour 2010, Tokyo photo by Anna Ryon

Photos from Cap Lori tours, year 2009

At the beginning of 2009 I was living with my roommate in an apartment on Capitol Hill in Seattle and working at Victrola Coffee, however by mid February I’d quit my job and left to go on tour. For the next two years I was on tour pretty much constantly. In 2009 I did a West Coast tour , an East Coast tour, a Korea tour, and a Japan tour. Here are some photos!

Seattle Showbox Market 2009, Cap Lori opening for Murder City Devil

Vancouver 2009 opening for Murder City Devils

West Coast Tour 2009, California

West Coast Tour 2009, strange backyard show

West Coast Tour 2009, Healthy Times Fun Club

West Coast Tour 2009, Cap Lori live

East Coast Tour 2009, ticket to a show in New York

East Coast tour 2009, New York

Korea Tour 2009, "chicken" in Seoul

Korea tour 2009, garbage pile with a teddy bear in Seoul

Korea tour 2009, entrance to a venue in Seoul

Korea tour 2009, playground in Seoul

Korea tour 2009, Seoul

Japan Tour 2009, at a train station

Japan tour 2009, the night I had my first taste of absinth in a small bar outside of Tokyo

Japan tour 2009, the night I had my first taste of absinth in a small bar outside of Tokyo

Japan tour 2009, first Cap Lori CD on sale at a record store in Tokyo

Japan tour 2009, with a fan in Tokyo

Japan tour 2009, Tokyo

Japan tour 2009, Hokkaido

Japan Tour 2009, Hokkaido

Japan tour 2009, old ladies in Hokkaido

Japan tour 2009, homeless guys stuff in Nagoya

Japan tour 2009, Chiba

Japan tour 2009, record store in Tokyo

Japan tour 2009, outside a venue in Tokyo

Japan tour 2009, Yamaguchi

Japan tour 2009, on an overnight train to Osaka

Japan tour 2009, outside a house in Tokyo

Japan tour 2009, Chichibu

Japan tour 2009, Christmas day show in Tokyo

Japan tour 2009, Christmas day in Tokyo

Japan tour 2009, after a show in Chichibu

Japan tour 2009, Chichibu

Japan tour 2009, Christmas in Tokyo

Japan tour 2009, Chichibu


I will post photos from 2010 tours soon!

talented and lovely girls 2

Sarah is an amazing makeup artist. I discovered her when she came over to Rose and I’s apartment on Halloween and I asked her to do my make up. ever since I’ve been a bit obsessed with her! She is such a great artist and watching her do makeup makes me feel like she is a painter designing a new face. Paying attention to bone structure and shaping it into something new and exotic… amazing.
Elfy on the dance floor with Ozma who is also very talented and lovely

Elfy has been one of my favorite people ever since she accompanied me to my brothers wedding this summer. She has amazing fashion that never ceases to inspire me. I have a huge girl crush on her!

My boss, my friend, my inspiration. This women is fucking amazing! She is one of those people who silently and diligently creates not for the sake of others but for herself. Whenever I hang out with Elvia I have so many ideas and usually ending up bouncing around the room like a 5 year old in my excitement for my future creative projects. I plan to marry this women (creatively) someday and together we will make things that will break your heart.

Elvia and I on a Sunday date
My dearest Rose. When I moved in with her it was first for just a night, then a week, then a month, and then we ended up living together for four months. Our time together at Villa villekulla was very magical and filled with many nights of poetry, champagne, hair metal sing alongs, movies, giggles, and adventures. She has been such a huge inspiration (one of my three girl muses: Anna, Elvia, and Rose!). Her poetry is fucking mind blowing as is her fashion. Living with her meant constantly discovering glitter in my hair and always having someone to make me forget about my troubles. I cannot wait to re-unite with her in Switzerland this summer. <3

Rose and I hungover in bed... that morning she woke me up with chocolate and sparkling water. Dream girl!

Ballad Of Boredom by Tennessee Rose (me)

solitudes lonely twin, ennui
with dark hair hanging long around her face
an expression lay there of deepest disgrace
like a beggar girl upon these sheets
dress all torn from the muddy streets
she toils to make her artists mark
upon histories heart
I have hidden all her carefully kept lies
her human lust
her angel sighs
and in return she bestows upon me
inspiration that has kept me free
from her loving arms
her hypnotic embrace
that threatens us all with comforts sweet taste

My Mama, Coco Howard

Just a little post dedicated to my mother who has always kept my life full of love, inspiration, and beauty. 

Check out this short film by Tara Thomas starring my mama as Amy Winehouse!


Talented And Lovely Girls

Mari Kojima

I met Mari Kojima in Tokyo when I was 17 at a show I was playing at some bar in Shibuya. She’s one of the friendliest funniest people I’ve ever met and has a very cute accent from living in New York for awhile. Her photographs are beautiful and I have been following her blog since I met her.


Marielle Stobie

I met Marielle in Seattle also when I was 17. She has always been one of my favorite people in Seattle but I only recently discovered her photographs!


Chrissie White met Chrissie just this summer in Seattle through working at Moksha ( She is hilarious and super energetic. I always have so much fun working with her! She is also a great photographer and she seems like one of those people who is always full of ideas and creativity. so great!



Crazy Band

Not all girls technically but Anthony is wonderful too! I met these folks in LA while traveling there this summer. They are friends of my Mama and Spencer and are some of the best people I’ve met all year, which is saying something. I had so much fun hanging out with them while in LA and I love their music! They aways seem to be making something. paintings, poetry, music, jewelry. Best kinda people.


Yu Akinaga

I met Yu in Tokyo when I was 17 at a venue called Matching Mole. I was immediately struck with her beauty and since meeting her she has become one of my best friends. She was my first english student and probably picked it up the quickest (I’m still always surprised to hear her speak so fluently now!). Yu chan is a great artist and makes paintings and dolls and other amazing things. I remember staying with her while on tour in Japan and waking up in the middle of the night to find her sitting in her dining room sewing and painting until the early morning…





Anna Ryon
Last but certainly not least is Anna! I met Anna in Tokyo (shibuya)  when I was 19 while she was in Japan visiting her Grandmother. She came to one of my shows and then wrote about me on her blog. She stayed with me and my then husband at Yu chan’s house to do a photo shoot of us and during that visit I came to like her a ton. upon returning to Seattle I hung out with her every once in awhile but it wasn’t until spring when I broke up with my ex-husband that Anna and I really started hanging out. She became my best friend and true love! She is now in London studying and creating things and not a day goes by when I don’t miss her. Anna is an amazing photographer and always full of creative ideas. So talented and inspiring! <3


Old Ladies

Ever since I can remember I’ve idolized old ladies and looked forward to being one my self. From beautiful old ladies on the bus with cotten candy colored pink and blue hair, to my friends grandmothers I’ve had the pleasure of talking to so many intelligent, lovely, outspoken and opinionated old women. One of my greatest old lady crushes was after I first saw Harold and Maude and started to copy Ruth Gordons fashion when I was 13. Ruth Gordon was a great actress who became greater with age, and she makes me excited to grow old and continue being creative and productive!

Some of my favorite old ladies ever are my grandmothers in law.

Miyuki is an extremely bossy and head strong women who gets mad if she ever has to eat dinner alone. Since her husband died years ago she has spent most of her time knitting colorful circles that she uses as sponges and pins. She hates cigarettes, loves to garden, and makes the best tsukemono I’ve ever tasted.

Kazuko lives in Pipu, a little town in Hokkaido known for its delicious strawberries. She has alzheimer’s and she tells the same story over and over about how she used to be so pretty when she was young, with a long nose, small face, and white skin she said she looked almost like a foreigner. She loves ice cream and will eat a ton of it becuase right after eating she forgets and wants another.

Old ladies kick ass


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