BANGERS with STEFAN number 2








Biker BBQ!!!


I Love You Adora Batbrat!

I stumbled on this sweet heart looking up make up tutorials…I think she is super darling. You have to watch her little videos to have her capture your heart with her cuteness..

Obviously she has a lot to teach us…so look up more of her tutorials on youtube!

Raton Rose

What is the quality of your intent?

“Certain people have a way of saying things that shake us at the core. Even when the words do not seem harsh or offensive, the impact is shattering. What we could be experiencing is the intent behind the words. When we intend to do good, we do. When we intend to do harm, it happens. What each of us must come to realize is that our intent always comes through. We cannot sugarcoat the feelings in our hearts of hearts. The emotion is the energy that motivates. We cannot ignore what we really want to create. We should be honest and do it the way we feel it. What we owe to ourselves and everyone around is to examine the reasons of our true intent.”

“My intent will be evident in the results.”
-Thurgood Marshall

Dame you auto correct!!

If you have an iPhone or know anyone who does I’m sure you are aware that the auto correct can mess up some text messages….it so happens there is a whole web site with the funnest ones!!! Here are a few favorites of mine.

Raton Rose

Don’t Fuck Them

Peaking Lights

Current Obsession: Peaking Lights.
Genre: Psychedelic Dub Pop.
Video: Amazing & Wonderful is reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests.

I have found myself entranced by the lo-fi sound emanating out of the speakers on my television (as the apartment lacks a proper system of sound.) Engulfed by a faint glow of light; the rhythm moves my feet, sways my body, and captures my soul.

I will join your cult. I will follow you wherever you may go.

Summer Leather


1960s sex pots!

This is the first of many post to come inspired by different decades of fashion and the sexy women who were muses for a time and era and who still influence us so many years  later. I would love it if you guys sent me your favorite photos for the different decades I post on so I can share them on this blog!! The next post will be “the 70s dream” if you have some gems send them my way at

I thought I would start with the 1960s seeing as it is my most current obsession. I fucking LOVE the 1960s from fashion to music to art and films. There are so many amazingly influential woman from the 1960s that are constantly inspiring me. I wish I had enough money for a full wardrobe of 1960s clothing and a personal hair stylist to give me that huge amazing sexy hair they have every day!!! Really their hair is so fucking AMAZING!

Here are the photos I gathered of my muses from the 1960s….

A few other favorites…

Raton Rose

Venice, Venice

Steve and Alex Olson making art and probably (definitely) scoring ladies at the Venice Biennale


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